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Our mission is to identify and create awareness of those who are in need in our community.  We are dedicated to connecting people, businesses and organizations who want to enrich and change lives for the better. We are seeing an increase in innovation and collaboration between donors and partners to combine strengths and achieve greater results in our Four Corners Community.



INSPIRE heART—Through the medium of art therapy, Inspire heART program helps teens and children develop powerful coping skills to battle trauma, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. This program was successfully introduced, to Aztec High School students, after the 2017 shooting rampage. Inspire heART has partnered with San Juan County schools, community organizations, businesses, and the Native American Center for Health. Visit their website.


Farmington Schools Homeless Liaison Program—In collaboration with Farmington Municipal Schools, FCF helps the Homeless Liaison Program provide quality backpacks filled with school supplies and personal toiletry items to support children, identified as homeless. Thus far the program has impacted hundreds of children.


Grace Place for Women—Grace Place is a pregnancy and health support center for women, the baby and fathers. Its services include: parenting education for mothers and fathers, adoption agency referrals; maternity and infant supplies; medical referrals and post-abortion support. Visit their website.


BYRON’S HOUSE OF HOPE (BHOH)—Run by the non-profit, “Convicted by Christ”, BHOH is one of the most successful and applied-for programs in New Mexico for men in need of successful integration back into society after incarceration. Using a Christian approach, BHOH reintroduces fathers and sons back into the community by providing them the educational, spiritual, and vocational tools needed to succeed. Through prayer, fellowship, short-term housing, job assistance and access to community resources, these men have an outstanding chance for success. Visit their website.


"IT'S MY VERY OWN" BAGS OF LOVE, SAN JUAN CHAPTER—Bags of Love is dedicated to the immediate needs of children (infant – age 17) who have been displaced from their home by difficult circumstances. Volunteers provide these children with a duffel bag filled with age and gender specific items, ranging from infant through 17 years of age. Bags might include a blanket, a stuffed animal, personal hygiene and grooming supplies, toys, games, puzzles, craft supplies, books, school supplies, diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies. Visit their website (Farmington Chapter).


VOLUNTEER INCENTIVE PROGRAM (VIP)—VIP is an organization established to create fundraising opportunities for local youth while at the same time requiring they serve the needs of the community through volunteerism. VIP provides financial support to youth organizations if they donate their time to the community. Each youth group is eligible to “earn” $600.00 per school year. The program instills civic pride through volunteerism and teaches youth that financial sponsorship of their activities is not an entitlement; rather, it’s an investment in both the financial needs of the youth and the service needs of the community. Visit their website.


Rio del Sol Kiwanis—Since 2013, Farmington Rio Del Sol Kiwanis has been dedicated to improving San Juan County through its annual programs aimed at improving the lives of children. Among their many programs are the Clothes for Kids, Coats for Kids, and the Scholastic Book Fair programs. Visit their website.


PATH'S HOMELESS HOUSING FACILITY—For over 25 years, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) transitional housing facility has cared for homeless individuals and families in San Juan County. PATH’s facility, provided by the Four Corners Foundation (FCF), is a 12,000 square foot facility. The campus includes a 12-unit apartment building for “graduates” of the transitional housing program to live until they are ready to move to their own apartment.  PATH’s program requires sobriety and a desire to overcome ones homeless circumstances.  PATH requires its clients to seek employment and once employed, PATH saves ½ of its clients earnings for a down payment on a future apartment. Visit their website.


FOUR C INSPIRE—Four C Inspire is an in-school mentoring program that helps students discover their value, find purpose, and build strength. Using volunteers and a well-designed program with a proven track record, this program has helped high-risk or traumatized students succeed in school. Four C Inspire was a valuable partner to Aztec High School after the tragic 2017 in-school shooting and death of two students. Visit their website.


FOUR CORNERS FOUNDATION COMMUNITY GARDEN—Obesity and poor nutrition are two factors that contribute to unhealthy lifestyles across the community and especially among those living in poverty. To address this problem, the FCF Community Garden, located adjacent to the PATH facilities, provides fresh garden food to PATH and area church pantries during the months of June through October.

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