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Our mission is to identify and create awareness of those who are in need in our community.  We are dedicated to connecting people, businesses and organizations who want to enrich and change lives for the better. We are seeing an increase in innovation and collaboration between donors and partners to combine strengths and achieve greater results in our Four Corners Community.

We currently support the following programs:


PATH'S HOMELESS HOUSING FACILITY—FCF’s biggest project to date is the construction of Emergency & Transitional Housing Facilities at "A Path Home" Campus. Together with the City of Farmington, businesses and individuals, we raised over $3 million to construct the new facilities. The Foundation continues to support PATH in its mission to combat and end homelessness. The Foundation also provides a medical clinic at the shelter where Dr. deKay and other local health professionals volunteer their time to treat residents of the shelter.


BYRON’S HOUSE OF HOPE—There is no benefit to reintroducing inmates back into the community with untreated addictions, and without educational and vocational tools needed to succeed. For many, gaining meaningful employment and adequate housing can prove impossible to those trying to do “the right thing”. The purpose of Byron’s House of Hope is to mitigate these serious issues by allowing the male resident to focus on adjusting to life on the outside through a support system that assists them in attaining the necessary life skills to become self-sustaining. The program will offer parolees short-term housing, job assistance, access to community resources and other therapeutic benefits that will work to stabilize and empower them to become self-sufficient and to develop a sense of purpose as productive citizens in the community.


FOUR CORNERS COMMUNITY GARDEN—In an effort to combat obesity and poor nutrition, the Garden provides PATH an opportunity to collaborate in an innovative and educational enterprise. The garden will offer fresh produce for PATH residents as well as members of Byron's House of Hope, and the "Our Daily Bread" Soup Kitchen.


Obesity has been identified as a super-priority for the New Mexico Department of Health. In 2014, over 33% of San Juan County adults and almost 15% of adolescents were considered obese. For the first time we have a co-existence of food insecurity and obesity and as a result of poor nutrition, the Baby Boomers generation is now expected to outlive their children.


Community gardens allow families and individuals the opportunity to produce food as well as to serve as areas for recreation and exercise. They can provide employment, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities and teach the importance of community stewardship and environmental responsibility. Gardens also have the potential to foster social enterprise, decrease violence in neighborhoods and improve social well-being through strengthening social connections.


Farmington Schools Homeless Liaison Program—In collaboration with Farmington Municipal Schools, FCF helps the Homeless Liaison Program provide quality backpacks filled with school supplies and personal toiletry items to support children, identified as homeless. So far the program has positively impacted hundreds of children.


Grace Place for Women—Grace Place provides women educational counseling on pregnancy options, healthy lifestyles choices and parenting skills. The Foundation offers mini grants for education, mentoring and baby items for pregnant moms and new fathers in support of the Healthy Beginnings Program.


INSPIRE SCHOOL PROGRAM—The INSPIRE School Program is locally spearheaded by Timberline Church in Aztec. After a gunman entered Aztec High School on December 7, 2017, killing two students and terrorizing the remaining students, Timberline Church was invited to bring the INSPIRE School Program to Aztec High School. This Program encourages self-esteem, healthy relationships, respect, positive choices, mental wellness, resilience, mindfulness and leadership. INSPIRE empowers middle and high school students to reach their potential in order to achieve academic success. The program has been so well received by the students in Aztec that Farmington Municipal Schools has invited the INSPIRE program in its high schools. The Four Corners Foundation sees INSPIRE as worthy of both financial and consulting support and looks forward to a long partnership.


Rio del Sol Kiwanis—Each year Kiwanis humanitarians hold a drive to raise money to provide clothing to children living in poverty. FCF provides funding to help purchase clothing, shoes, socks, and other necessities. Since Clothes for Kids was started, the Farmington club has helped to clothe about 350 children per year.


FARMINGTON YOUTH AMBASSADORS (FYA)A local organization in mission to connect youth and promote positive inclusion in both school and community. Their hope is to make this a district-wide organization that includes not just high schools, but elementary schools as well. By spreading awareness of community events, FYA encourages individuals and families to stay connected in Farmington and helps enrich the Four Corners area.


The Well, Inc.—This organization provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals and families in recovery.


BIC Overcomers—This organization strives to eliminate the existence of chemical dependency through the application of
Biblical principles while maintaining the cultural integrity of its participants.

*Thank you for your interest in the Four Corners Foundation. Currently, grant proposals are by invitation only. We are unable to accept unsolicited applications at this time.

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