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“We are people who believe in people”

All people have value and despite their circumstances are worthy of dignity and respect.

Our Past, Present and Future

When the Four Corners Foundation was established by Dr. Matthew deKay in 2010, his initial focus was to fund safe, welcoming emergency and transitional housing facilities to address the homeless issue in San Juan County. Dr. deKay’s goal was to give a hand up, not a hand out to individuals ready to become employed and integrate back into society. By 2015, through the dedication of our Board of Directors, a $4 million dollar, “A Path Home” campus was completed at 520 Hydroplant Road in Farmington, New Mexico. This tranquil, five-acre facility, located along the Animas River is the result of partnership, cooperation and a mutual desire to help those in need. The organization, People Assisting the Homeless, agreed to run the facility and the City of Farmington, local businesses and individual donors stepped up to see the project to completion. “A Path Home” campus includes an 13,500 square foot 90-day transitional housing facility which houses 30 men, 30 women and up to 6 families. Also, a 12-unit apartment complex houses families and individuals from the transitional housing facility. In 2018, the FCF succeeded in completing and harvesting  the first Four Corners Community Garden crop of fresh food for the benefit of “A Path Home” residents and for “Our Daily Bread” soup kitchen.


Since the completion of our initial “A Path Home” project, the Four Corners Foundation has expanded its mission by supporting the good work being done by other non-profits in San Juan County. We provide grants to:

           • help homeless students get new backpacks filled with essential supplies,

           • assist in counseling women and men who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant,

           • assist non-violent paroled men with housing until they can re-integrate back into society,

           • assist with the INSPIRE middle school and high school program that teaches students that they have value and are loved,

           • assist organizations that are tasked with helping men and women gain sobriety.


The Four Corners Foundation is a Community Foundation in every sense of the term. We partner with and champion the needs, interests and priorities of non-profits that respect and wish to improve lives from conception to death.

Our Approach

Driven by community need and the belief in people’s potential to change their lives when given an opportunity, the Four Corners Foundation collaborates with other local not-for-profit organizations to maximize the positive impact in our community.

Our Principles

We believe in the tradition of giving and sharing for the benefit of our community.  We are blessed to live in a community where generous people give for the greater good.


The Four Corners Foundation is honored to administer gifts given on behalf of a community committed to a better quality of life for all people.  When compassion, resources and commitment come together, the result is a stronger community.

Matthew deKay, M.D. - President

Matthew deKay, M.D. established Mesa Family practice in Farmington in 2000. Dr. deKay’s life and chosen profession were inspired by his father’s mealtime prayer – “Let us not forget those who are less fortunate.”


While working at Catholic Charities as a volunteer to help the homeless, Dr. deKay became increasingly aware of the issues of the homeless in Farmington. In 2009 he and his wife, Jeanette made a decision to do more and established an organization whose mission is for the purpose of finding solutions to our community’s most critical social problems – the Four Corners Foundation.

Jeanette deKay - Vice President

Jeanette deKay, a graduate of the University of Denver, brings over 20 years of banking and financial management experience to the Foundation’s board and its Finance Committee.


As a former Senior Vice President with FirstBank of Colorado in Denver, and now as Chief Financial Officer of Mesa Family Practice, Jeanette spends countless hours for the Four Corners Foundation in practicing fiscal responsibility with the funds entrusted to the Foundation.


Jeanette also devotes her boundless energy in support of her husband and their four children. Jeanette shares a deep commitment and passion for serving others and helping people achieve healthy, productive lives.

Robert "Bob" Burns, MD - Secretary

Dr. Robert Burns has practiced medicine in the Four Corners since 1980.


After being involved in missionary work throughout several third world countries, he felt compelled to get involved in a local community-building project.


“Even though it takes time and energy, there is a void only filled by serving and helping other people,” says Dr. Burns.

B. Paul Briones - Treasurer

Paul Briones, a Farmington-based attorney for over 20 years, also believes more can be done to help our community.


Paul became involved with the Four Corners Foundation through his friendship with Dr. deKay and their work with Catholic Charities.  “Our board is a collection of people who have heard the same call and believe they are responsible to assist those who are less fortunate.”

William "Bill" Clark - Member

A mutual friend introduced Dr. deKay to local business man, Bill Clark. They soon discovered that they shared a desire to change the course of generational homelessness in the Four Corners.

A graduate of Colorado School of Mines, his background in engineering and business management was invaluable to the Foundation in completing the construction of "A Path Home" campus facilities.

Bill is committed to the mission of the Four Corners Foundation and wishes to invite others to be involved in the work of building a better community.

Ron Price - Member

Ron Price owns and operates Productive Outcomes, Inc. He offers a variety of services including dispute resolution, relationship coaching, public speaking and workplace training. He is also the executive director of the Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family, a 501-C-3 organization he co-founded in 2004.  Ron has been happily married to Maridell Price for 35 years.


Ron has written extensively on family and interpersonal relationships, and has written the book, P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at Work.  Ron has served as Vice-President for a local Toastmaster’s Club he co-founded and has been a big brother to five “littles” through Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He currently is a board member for the Four Corners Conference for Professional Development and the San Juan Regional Medical Center Corporation.

Meet the Board

"The board is made up of a dedicated group of people working together for the common good."

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